Why I became a Business & Career Coach

Let's cut to the chase, I have the qualifications...

In 2018 I received my Masters in Business Administration, I've worked 5 years as a human resource professional. I've built this business Live on Purpose, LLC. from a story of surviving cancer to this! 

I don't believe I was blessed with my experience and education to keep it to myself. I want to change the world! I want to help other people scratch their goals off of their list and thrive in business, in life and in their career! I've helped entrepreneurs do the exact same and I know I can reach so many people helping them to walk in their purpose, walk in their power and do it with their story!

The results are there, I have watched my first client start her own business and instantly see income in the first month!!!! She is thriving and has a changed mindset to do what she loves and knows she can do it with a plan, her story and dedication to get the work done while reaching her audience daily!

I shared my story in my book "From Cancer to Purpose"  however, I believe it is time for me to push forward and push individuals into their purpose. 

So yes, I believe YOU can & it is YOUR time to do just that!